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Roof Crafter Homeowner Checklist

  1. Access for roof removal and material loading is typically done from the driveway.
  2. When the roof is being removed there will be various amounts of dust & debris that can sift or fall into the attic, around HVAC flashings & kitchen or bathroom exhaust fans. We recommend keeping windows & doors closed to help keep dust and debris out. We are not responsible for any cleaning.
  3. Gates need to be unlocked during roofing process, for access to back yard.
  4. Access to electrical outlets for power is required.
  5. If someone 18 years of age or older is there during completion and clean-up of debris, we can arrange to blow debris from garage.
  6. If you have washer/dryer, refrigerator, tools etc. in the garage/ carport, we recommend moving or covering items. (Including any stored items in attic.)
  7. If you have any patio furniture, hanging plants, etc, we recommend moving or covering.
  8. Garage/carport & patio area: We recommend that you do not park vehicles in garage/carport during the roofing process.
  9. Inside the home is not typically affected, however, the roofing process will cause vibrations, we recommend removing or covering valuables (pictures, wall hangings, knick-knack’s, etc).
  10. Satellite dish: We try not to disturb the connection any longer than needed. It is the owner’s responsibility
    To have the satellite dish reconnected and or adjusted (at owner’s expense).
  11. Solar units: It is the owner’s responsibility & expense to have the solar units removed prior to the roofing
    process and re-installed after completion.
  12. Skylight / solar tubes: Typically, we do not need to replace them unless we state replacement on the contract. Occasionally they need to have new flashing’s installed, if it is not stated on contract this will be an additional charge. We will discuss options.
  13. Noise: During the roofing process there will be noise, compressors and nail guns will be on most of the day. If this bothers you and or pets, you may want to plan to be out of house as you feel necessary.
  14. Dry rot and wood repairs: Access to electricity will be needed for power tools for wood repairs. As per the contract, painting of new wood is not included. We can add priming the wood for additional cost. Per hour labor cost does include time to pick-up supplies.
  15. Final inspection requirements: (Permit Card needs to be available for inspector at each inspection)
    1. Smoke & Carbon Detectors are required by all city & county building departments at Final Inspection. Most of the time, there is a form that can be signed certifying that smoke & carbon monoxide detectors are installed and operating correctly. However, some cities require access to inspect, we typically inform you of this prior to scheduling. If you need help to install new Smoke & Carbon detectors, we can install them for an additional $90/hour.
    2. New wood where dry rot was replaced is required to be primed prior to Final inspection. As noted above we can Prime new wood for additional cost. (It is owners’ responsibility to make the arrangements).

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